Corporate Retreats, Team Building & Work From Home Wellness

Your people are what matter most and there is no better way to ignite corporate culture, engage your employees and experience higher ROI in all areas.

Remote work is becoming the norm and top of choice. How are you supporting & incentivizing for this?

We strongly believe the more wellness initiatives put in place for staff, senior executives and members of your team OUTSIDE of the regular environment, the greater the team unity, mental health states and all around employee satisfaction. You focus on the people, give them what they need and support their wellness, you’ll have cheerleaders for life!

Companies must adapt to the demands of a generation hungry for greater opportunity, increased collaboration, and a less formal hierarchical business model. This means employee-centric initiatives that will benefit the workforce and the company. – Business Insider

Travel will transform your people…

About Us

Our Travel Chicks team is compromised of over 40+ years combined experience in leisure & corporate travel, event planning & management and personalized services. We focus on all the small details so you can lead, train, educate and empower your team to be the best versions of themselves. Connection is more important now then ever. Take the lead with your team today and consider planning a retreat or sales training onboard a ship or in a new destination. Consider offering employees a TRAVEL PERK with TRAVEL CHICKS to “work from home” but on a guided tour. It’s time to change the way we work, the incentives we offer our workers and the cohesion of community in the workplace. Allow us to help you plan your next team building event or retreat today. 

Ideas to Consider:

Island Weekend Getaways

Surround your team around the ocean and immerse yourself as the waves crash in the background.

Explore New Cities

Take your team to a new city, have a night on the town, get yourself away from your regular environment and allow your mind to be present.

Escape to the Waterfalls

Completely revive all senses while delivering your important message as you embrace the beauty around you.

Nature Hike

Experience a sense of peace, quiet and calm as you hike beautiful trails to re-connect with your colleagues.

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

Whether you are seeking to re-connect and re-unite your colleagues, build company culture, discuss new and upcoming trends in your industry, deliver sales strategies in new destinations or you simply want to give the gift of travel to your hard working employees, we got you covered. From the moment you have the idea, to bringing it forth into reality, we are here to take care of it all so that you can focus on what you do best—LEAD. 

What Our Clients Say


Travel Chicks have been booking our vacations for the past 10 years and they are always keeping what we want in mind AND providing far more than we ever expected….they go above and beyond.

– Karen Sloan


I love working with Travel Chicks because of their product knowledge. Melissa has travelled a ton and worked with a lot of clients over many years, getting feedback on their trips, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the best hotels to stay in, at destinations across the world. You get the personalized service and advice that a travel website just can’t give you. Booking online is a shot in the dark but when you work with a professional who has been doing this for years you really get a service that is irreplaceable. -Adrienne Carlton


We have used Travel Chicks for several years to arrange all our corporate travel for employees. They always go above and beyond to make sure all details are taken care of in a professional and timely manner.- Nicole Shuttleworth, TD